68,500 UP Assistance Teacher Exam Answer Key 2018

68,500 Primary Teacher exam Answer Key: The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board has successfully conduct the written exam for 68500 Assistant Teacher Post in all over Uttar Pradesh. Candidates who appeared in this examination can download UP AT Answer key from the link given below. An answer key is the best method to match their answer. 

This Assistant Teacher exam is conducted by UPBEB on 27 May 2018 at Sunday in all over the State. Earlier this written exam was scheduled on 12 March 2018, but due to some issue, this exam was postponed. And Board choose another day to conduct this examination. All those candidate who have appeared in this examination can download their UP Assistant teacher Answer key 2018 from the link given below. Here in this article, we are providing UP Assistant Teacher answer key 2018 to check their score.

Now, UP Exam Regulator Authority conducted this Asst Teacher written exam at various examination centers across Uttar Pradesh State. UPBEB conducted this Written Examination under High Court’s Decision. The Exam was Subjective Type with 150 Very Short Questions. The Exam was of 1 marks for each Questions with the time Duration of 03 Hours. Students who appeared in this examination can download UP TET Answer Key from the official website https://upbasiceduboard.gov.in/ or link given below.

68,500 Primary Teacher Exam Solved Answer Key:

  1. if teacher helps the student in selecting subjects, them this is his which role?
    Ans: Paramashdata
  2. To ensure participation of more students in class, which method of teaching you would adopt?
    Ans: Sahbhagi Shikshan
  3. 1:1 guidance for one’s personal problem is called:-
    Ans: Vyaktigat Nirdeshan
  4. Which record is maintained to verify the ability, interest, aptitude and response of the students ?
    Ans: Chhatra Profile
  5. Punishment is which type of reinforcement ?
    Ans: Nakaratmak Punarbalan
  6. In which year national literacy mission was launched?
    Ans: 5 May 1988
  7. Using voting rights during Election is related with which type of value?
    Ans: Samvaidhanik Mulya
  8. Who was the chairman of amotional integration Committee?
    Ans: डॉक्टर संपूर्णानंद
  9. Which article of the Constitution discusses the fundamental duties of citizens?
    Ans: 51 A
  10. Which body determines the professional norms for teachers?
    Ans: NCTE
  11. Fill up the blank: “Brain Storming technique emphasises the importance of thinking in teaching gifted children”
    Ans: सृजनात्मक
  12. An infant of below 15 months age is at what stage of language development?
    Ans: प्रारंभिक शब्द एवम वाकया विचार (चौथा चरण)
  13. Programmed learning is based on whose theory of learning?
    Ans: थार्नडायक
  14. Fill up the blank: “Originality, Flexibility and Flow are the components of ?
    Ans: सृजनात्मकता
  15. Fill up the blank: “Kohlberg’s theory explains__?___developments of a child,”
    Ans: नैतिक
  16. Who advocated the ‘Trial and Error theory of learning”?
    Ans: थार्नडायक
  17. What is the right order of feeble mindedness based on IQ?
    Ans: मंद बुद्धि , अल्प बुद्धि , जड़ बुद्धि
  18. The process of Assimilation and Accommodation is related to what?
    Ans: संज्ञानात्मक विकास
  19. Fill up the blank: “According to Gagne’s Learning Hierarchy highest stage of learning is ?
    Ans: सामान्यीकरण
  20. The ‘Rehabilitation Council of india (RCI)’ is established for the education of which type of children?
    Ans: विकलांग या दिव्यांग बालकों की शिक्षा
  21. Which planet is called ‘Red Planet’?
    Ans: मंगल ग्रह
  22. Who has been selected as the ‘Best Actor’ in 64th National Film Awards ?
    Ans: अक्षय कुमार
  23. Who Has been selected for ‘Vyas Samman, 2017’?
    Ans: ममता कालिया
  24. Name the Pala KIng who founded the Vikramshila University ?
    Ans: धर्मपाल
  25. Which Indian state is the largest producer of sugar at present?
    Ans: उत्तर प्रदेश
  26. On which Date is the ‘World Environment Day’ observed?
    Ans: 5 जून
  27. Who is the first full fledged woman Defense Minister of India ?
    Ans: निर्मला सीता रमन
  28. On which date is the World Toilet Day Celebrated?
    Ans: 19 नवम्बर
  29. The 48th International Film Festival of India was help in:-
    Ans: गोवा
  30. In which year did the Government of Uttar Pradesh launch Bhagya Laxmi Yojna?
    Ans: 2006-2007
  31. Who was appointed as the new chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)
    Ans: प्रसून जोशी
  32. Who has become the first woman pilot in the Indian Navy?
    Ans: शुभांगी स्वरुप
  33. In which place in Odisha is Sun Temple located ?
    Ans: पुरी (ओडिशा)
  34. Which is India ‘s cleanest city as per ‘ Swachh Sarvekshan 2017?
    Ans: इंदौर (मध्य प्रदेश)
  35. In which state Loktak Lake is located?
    Ans: मणिपुर
  36. Who is the author of the book ‘Everest ki Beti.?
    Ans: अरुणिमा सिंह
  37. To which state ‘Jallikattu’ is related?
    Ans: तमिलनाडु
  38. In which city is ‘Bharat Kala bhavan ‘ Situated?
    Ans: वाराणसी
  39. Who is the 21st Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
    Ans: अचल कुमार ज्योति
  40. Which city of Uttar Predesh is know as ‘Shiraz of India ?
    Ans: जौनपुर
  41. In 1893 in which city Swami Vivekananda delivered inspiring speech as a delegate of India in the Parliament of world Religions?
  42. What is know as ‘Paper Gold ‘?
  43. With which game is ‘Durand Cup’ associated?
  44. Who has received ‘Indira Gandhi Prize’ for Peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2017 ?
  45. In which district of Uttar Pradesh is the holy place ‘Naimisharanya’ located ?
  46. ‘The World Human Rights Day’ is celebrated on which date?
  47. Who wrote ‘Akbarnama’?
  48. For which book Rabindra Nath Tagore received the Noble Prize?
  49. What is the new name of Kandla Port which was renamed recently
  50. Who has been appointed as the 9th Secretary General of United Nations?
  51. ‘………सूत्र किस संधि का बिधान करता है ?
  52. ‘बालिका शब्द के प्रथमा बिभक्ति बहुबचन का रूप लिखिए ?
  53. ‘स: चौरेभ्य: बिभेति ‘ इस बाक्य में  चौरेभ्य: पद में किस बिभक्ति का प्रयोग हुआ है ?
  54. ‘पठनीय: ‘ पद में कौन-सा प्रत्यय है ?
  55. ‘कुत्र’ अब्यब का क्या अर्थ है ?
  56. ‘प्रत्येकम’ पद में कौन-सा उपसर्ग प्रयुक्त है ?
  57. ‘सुखार्त:’ में कौन सी संधि है ?
  58. निर्देश: नीचे दिए गए अपठित पद्यांश को ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़कर पूछे गए प्रश्न का उत्तर दीजिए |दाने तपसि शौर्य च बिज्ञाने बिनने नये | बिस्मयो न हि कर्तब्यो वहुरवा वसुंधरा ||
    प्रश्न : अस्माकं बसुन्धरा किद्शी बर्तते ?
  59. ……… में कौन सा समास है ?
  60. निर्देश: नीचे दिए गए अपठित गद्यांश को ध्यानपूर्वक पढकर पूछे गए प्रश्न का उत्तर दीजिए|
    एकदा राजकुमार: सिद्धार्थ बिहाराय उद्याने गतवान्| महमा स: …..

  61. ‘मुझसे उठा नहीं गया’ वाक्य में कौन-सा वाच्य है ?
  62. ‘अस कहि कुटिल भई उठी
  63. ………..
  64. …………
  65. ……………
  66. …………..
  67. ……………
  68. ………..
  69. ……………
  70. …………..
  71. …………….
  72. ……………
  73. …………….
  74. …………….
  75. ……………
  76. ………..
  77. …………..
  78. ……………..
  79. ………….
  80. …………
  81. …………
  82. Mohan starts to walk in west direction and walks 3 Km, then turns right and walks further 4 km. He further turns left and walks 2km, again turns left and walks 4km. how far is mohan from its origin and in what direction?
  83. Find the next term in series: 4M, 9K, 161, 25G, __?
  84. If Kamal says, “Ravi ‘s mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is Kamal related to Ravi ?
  85. The term left to the symbol :: have the same relationship as the two terms? BC: DI: DE: ?
  86. In a digital computer, data is stored in which form?
  87. The physical structure of a computer is called:-
  88. The file Attached with an e-mail which is sent to a receiver is called as :-
  89. The Brain of Computer is :-
  90. A main page of website is called:-
  91. Identify the voice in the following sentence:-
    Alexander Graham’ Bell invented the telephone
  92. Put in the correct pronoun in the Reported Speech of the following sentence:
    Rahul said to me: “I work in an office.”
    Rahul told me that _______Worked in an office.
  93. Complete the following sentence with an appropriate article:
    It is ________unique opportunity.
  94. Complete the following sentence:-
    ‘The soldier fought _____courage’
  95. Write the masculine form of:-
  96.  Direction: Read the Comprehension (Poetry) care fully and answer the Question:
    When I consider how my light is spent
    Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide,
    And that one telent, which is death to hide, Lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent.
    Question: What is trhe meaning of word ‘ere’ ?
  97. Mention a common suitable prefix to the following words:-
    Write, fresh, take
  98. Is ‘sweet’ in the following sentence a part of subject or predicate?
    The mangoes in the basket are sweet.
  99. Use the suitable ‘conjunction’ to complete the following sentence:-
    He was not only punished_____fined.
  100. Direction: Read the Comprehension (Passage) carefully and answer the Question:
    People take care and other road vahicles for granted today. however, the idea of such vehicles was unheard of about 500 years ago. Then in 1478, the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci designed a self propelled vehicle. His drawing showed a boxy open-topped wooden machine with three wheels. Coiled spring would make the vehicle more somewhat like a wind up toy. models of leonardo’s vehicle have been made in recent years and on exhibit in museums in Italy.
  101. An electric bulb consumes 2000j of electrical energy in 20s. What is its power?
  102. Write the name of type of given reaction.
    CH3_CH_Br + NaOH-CHH3-CH2-OH+NaBr
  103. A person travels from place A to place B with a uniform speed of 4 km/hr returns back with a uniform speed of 2 km/hr. What is its average speed during the travel?
  104.  The refractive index of water and glass with respect to air are 4/3 and 3/2 respectively. The refractive index of glass with respect to water will be:
  105. Among halogens which element has highest electron affinity?
  106. Which blood vessel carries oxygenated blood from lungs to the left auricle of human heart?
  107. An organism’s modification in structure, function or behaviour suitable to the environment is called:-
  108. The naked seeded plants are called.
  109. Name the vitamin whose deficiency in diet results in scurvy.
  110. Which rays are absorbed by ozone layer?
  111. The denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator by 8. If the numerator is increased by 17 and the denominator is increased by I, the number becomes 3/2 find the rational number.
  112. Find each of exterior angles of a regular polygon of 10 sides.
  113. If a sum of money placed at simple interest doubles itself in 25 years, then find thye rate of interest per annum.
  114. The length of a chord of a circle of radius 10 cm is 16 cm. find the distance of the chord from the centre of the circle.
  115. January 5, 1991 was a Saturday. What day of the week was on March 3, 1992?
  116. If a + b and ab =12. Then find the value of a2 + b2
  117. Three angels of a quadrilateral are equal and the fourth angle measures 750 Find the measure of each of the equal angles.
  118. If the cost price of 10 books is equal to the selling price of 8 books, find the gain or loss percent.
  119. If a-b=4 and ab=21, find the value of a3-b3.
  120. The following data have been arranged in ascending order. if the median of the data is 63, find the value of x.
    29,32,48,50, x,(x+2), 72,78,84,90
  121. If the wages of 6 men for 15 days be Rs.2100, then find the wages of 9 men for 12 days.
  122. Factorize:x2-9x+18
  123. Find the fifference between place value and face value of 9 in the number 569387?
  124. If 5 (x+1) +5(2-x) =53 + 1, then find the positive value of x.
  125. If each side of a rhombus is 100 metre and one of the diagonals is 160 metre, find the area of the rhombus.
  126. The perimeter of a right angle tringle is 24 centimetre. If its hypotenuse is 10 centimetre, find the area of tringle.
  127. If A= {x : x is an isosceles tringle} and B {x : x is an equilateral triangle} then find aпb
  128. Amongst the following which is greater:-
    (1/2)1/2 Or (1/3)1/3
  129. If A:B=3:4 and B:C=6:7 then find A:B:C
  130. In an examination, 94% of the students passed and 33 students failed. How many students appeared in the examination?
  131. Which test is used to know the learning problems of students after classroom teaching?
  132. Who introduced the five steps system in preparation lesson planning?
  133. Who profounded primary laws of learning?
  134. Which aspect of student’s behaviour is related to his interests and attitudes?
  135. Who was the propounder of Heuristic method?
  136. Which level of education is being provided at ‘Maktab’?
  137. Who was the propounder of project method of Teaching?
  138. Education Technology III is also known as–
  139. Which report Is called as Manga Carta of Indian Education?
  140. Problem of ‘wastage’ and ‘stagnation’ is primarily related to which level of education?
  141. Where in India was the first French factory established?
  142. Who was the President of state Constitution Committee?
  143. From which country the concept of concurrent list in the Indian Constitution was borrowed?
  144. Which port is situated at the Gulf of Kutch?
  145. In which country Drakensberg Mountain located?
  146. Give the name of Warm Ocean current flowing along eastern coast of North America.
  147. The Sharda Act is related to?
  148. On which continent the Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn all the three pass through?
  149. When International ‘Tiger Day’ is observed?
  150. What is the name of mid latitude grass-land is South America?


UP BEB will release the answer key within the few days after the examination, but here we are going to provide your the fastest and perfect answers. With this Answer key you can check your answers and take an idea about the marks. Students can download UP BTC Primary Teacher Answer Key 2018 from this page. Candidates will be selected on the merit basis. UP Asst Teacher Exam answer key will be uploaded on this page  Set Wise of A, B, C & D and match with the question papers to predict the UP Assistant Teacher Marks obtained before the result announcement. The candidates who will score more than the qualifying cut-off will be declared as qualified in the UP Assistant Teacher Result. We’ll also provide you a direct link of UPBEB Asst Teacher Exam Result 2018 on this page.

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